Professional Services

Evolve provides high-quality engineering services, including:

Evaluate existing infrastructure for condition, utilization, code conformance and fit for purpose. Analyze the impact of future load growth and system reconfiguration. Identify upgrade and expansion schemes and implementation phasing plans.

Development of business case analysis. Preparation of indicative designs, liaison with local AHJ’s, utilities, and project stakeholders. Performance specification development, proponent evaluation and negotiation. Peer design review, value engineering analysis, compliance reviews, witness testing and commissioning.

Life cycle assessment reviews, condition analysis, code conformance studies, load flow studies, arc flash studies, coordination and selectivity studies.

Project management, coordination of design, contract administration, budget control, scheduling, and change management.

Updating and development of single line diagrams, system risers, and site service plans.

Preparation of tender documentation (drawings and specifications) for electrical, communication, and security systems.

Site reviews, construction coordination, supervision of commissioning and witness testing activities.

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